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***THIS PRODUCT IS HAND ENGRAVED AND MADE ON DEMAND. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A 4-6 WEEK PRODUCTION TIME.  Must be 18 years or older to purchase this product***
This is an official Hardcore Vikings Beard Axe, only made and sold by BlackGuard and Hardcore Vikings. These are fully functional, quality, ready to use, axes. They are hand-engraved and each axe takes several hours. These are not replicas and not props - they will pass our sharpness test and they will indeed cut, chop, slice, and hack. 
We utilize the Cold Steel Bearded Axe base. 


Weight: 17.6 oz.  

Edge: 6"  

Hawk Width: 6-1/4"  

Handle: 22" Long. Straight Grain Hickory  

Steel: 1055 Carbon  

Overall: 24"