"The Man Spot"

"The Man Spot"

Holy balls we had a visitor (Travis Miller of Milller Tactical) who brought in another visitor to the shop! ! His name is Vaughn but you might already know him as "The Man Spot". The Most Interesting Man in the World holds no candle to this guy! He's become a social media icon and boasts a whopping 50k+ followers on Instagram. This man is the patriot of patriots and oozes the phrase "I don't give a fuck!" We love it!

If you're not following this man-god and his amazing family featuring his gorgeous wife and kid "Mr. Littles", you're missing out on the opportunity for some true American Patriotism as well as a good laugh! 

Why'd he come in though? It seems Mr. Awesome wants to be more awesome by owning an originally designed BlackGuard Customs product. I do believe a "Man Spot" buckle and axe are in order here.....and I do mean order because it's already in the design stages. Stay tuned to see what come out of the genius minds of these two crazy guys when BlackGuard teams up with the original "Man Spot". 

Look, Him, Up! You will not regret it!


  • Matt

    I’m a veteran and FUCK this POS

  • TMB

    Yeah, pinko leftist naysayers, this MAN didn’t serve as I know. He is serving as a inspiration for americanism. I served. I attend those who come home to the Military Park, I don’t question
    their Bravery I Salute Them. But for the Grace of God, there go them, the warriors I love.

  • matthew robinson

    Jesse caballero sbut up dude. It doesn’t matter if he has served. He isn’t claiming he served or anything to that nature. He is a patriot with funny videos. I’m prior army 3ID 1-30TH bravo company and you’re making us look bad with that stupid shit you said.

  • Charles Seye

    I think he is very inspirational and makes an honest living. He loves America and neednt apologise for anything he does. I love his page and have learned alot of good about the US….guess what, Im not even American.

  • LieutenantOnFireDepartmentNJ

    Themanspot didn’t serve in the military due to health reason which the denied him. You don’t need to serve to be a Patriot, just need to have heart in and for your country. I for one didn’t serve in are military, but I put my self on the line daily in the city I work in. I’m a volunteer/career firefighter.

    I serve my city/state does that make my self a Patriot? Or because I for one didn’t grab a rifle and go to war. I just lead men into life/death situation caring a nozzle and an axe on a different level of what war is or can be.

    If you love your country and will do anything needed to help or protect a fellow American. Your a Patriot in my eyes, and I’ll give you the same amount of respect I will give me fellow uniformed personnel police/fire/ems/military.

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